Parking Mania Free – 9/10

parking mania free

Parking Mania Free is an awesome free game that tests you hands and mind behind the wheel of a vehicle.  With really simple default controls (a turnable steering wheel and a lever that acts as the gas pedal when forward and reverse when pushed backwards), you’d think that parking a few vehicles wouldn’t be so hard right?  Wrong!  Parking Mania Free gives you 70 levels (more available via purchase) with just about every condition, vehicle type, and course.  I mean, you must drive compact cars, sports cars, 4x4s, pickup trucks, tractor trailers, etc. in the day, night, snow, you name it.  And not only live drive on roads but also swerving through courses and parking in tight spaces.  The levels each include several missions, so this game is very long.  Try your best to earn five stars by not crashing into anything.  If you do crash, don’t worry, you have five lives until they make you restart.

There are a lot of alternate controls to use, such as a sliding steering wheel or the accelerometer.  All work well, but I’m used to the default ones.  Popup advertisements are certainly present but are pretty minimal and always have a button to skip out of them.  There are a lot of driving and parking games out there, and I’m not saying that Parking Mania Free is the best one, but it sure is up there with the top.  There’s not much more to it, Parking Mania Free is really simple to learn and understand but will keep you playing until you earn ever star and complete every level perfectly.  There’s so much in this game that thinking about it is overwhelming!  Get Parking Mania Free!  9/10!

-TheAppEmperor *parking* out


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