Jump Out!™ – 8/10

jump out

Jump Out!™ is a $.99 strategy game with a fun plot and creative style.  (This is the iPhone review.  Jump Out!™ HD is an iPad version available for $1.99.)  You are put in control of bugs that are trying to escape from the walls around them.  Bugs can cling onto these little spinning wheels and from those, they can jump either to another spinning wheel or to the exit.  If you jump a bug and it doesn’t reach where you wanted, it will land on the ground and die.  Each level has three collectable stars (you don’t need to collect them to unlock the next level).  You can earn a lifebuoy by successfully getting every bug from that level out to the exit.  Keep in mind that if you don’t get many stars or lifebuoys then you may come into trouble when trying to unlock subsequent level packs.  Controls are super easy: just pull a bug back off of a wheel, the farther you pull the more distance the bug will go.  Aim by just moving your finger around; it works just like a slingshot.

There are several types of bugs that you will encounter, each with its own special ability.  Just to name a few: The Bug (your normal green bug without any abilities); The Cricket (a blue bug with super jumping abilities); The Shrimp (they don’t bounce much so try to keep them on the wheels, they also cannot jump very far off of the wheels); etc.  As you advance through the game more and more bugs will be available to you.  Jump Out!™ levels are full of walls and balls and fans and contraptions to make you really think.  The levels increase in difficulty and length very quickly.  There are 150 levels and 30 unlockable trophy levels that you can get by achieving different things while you play.

The graphics are great, the sound and music had a lot of thought, and the overall presentation of the game is excellent.  Now for a large problem.  Advertisements.  Why does a game that costs money feel the need to spam you with pop-up advertisements every few levels?  Are they trying to punish a helpful customer?  I can just about tolerate ads on free games, but on a paid game, that’s taking it too far.  But don’t let this get in the way of the extreme thought-provoking fun that Jump Out!™ offers.  Unfortunately there is no free version but if you’re a fan of strategy games, then Jump Out!™ is worth the dollar (it might be worth while to sift through some reviews in the “Strategy” category to see if Jump Out!™ is for you).  The creativity and challenge lift Jump Out!™ to an 8/10!

-TheAppEmperor *jumping* out


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