Extreme Road Trip 2 – 10/10

extreme road trip 2

Extreme Road Trip 2 is the second game in the Extreme Road Trip series (obviously).  This game is the definition of a free game done right.  The only advertisements come immediately after the game is opened up; there are none during the game or at any other time.  You don’t need to buy in-app purchases to play this game to its fullest potential.  And above all this, Extreme Road Trip 2 is extremely fun.

The game is essentially the same as the first installment, Extreme Road Trip, except much more refined.  There is one new control: if you press both the tilt right and the tilt left buttons, your car will slam towards the ground at a fast speed, almost as if the gravity was turned up a few notches.  This allows for you to stay close to the ground during very bumpy paths and to land hard after doing jumps and flips.  If you get a “perfect slam landing” then you get much more of a boost.  The whole gasoline and boost systems are refined so that they make more sense.  There are three power-ups that have been introduced.  Before I describe them, I’ll describe how exactly you can get some of them.  First, leveling up will get you a few crates, each with either power-ups or “bucks” or coins.  (Coins are all over the game and can be grabbed by driving through them, while bucks can only be gained through crates, unless of course you use an in-app purchase.)  Also, completing five of your car’s missions will get you some more crates.  So the three power-ups are: a nitro boost to start you off fast, a coin magnet to grab all the coins around you, and a coin doubler to make every coin worth two.  At the beginning of each game you may choose which power-ups you’d like to use, if any.

You may be wondering what you can use these coins and bucks for.  New cars of course!  There are currently 30 different cars of all different types, some of which are really expensive (this is where the in-app purchases become useful).  But there’s a large selection of cheap cars that are really not too bad.  You can upgrade your cars too.  There’s a feature that lets you show off all the cars you own in a garage that your Game Center friends can see.  I think that’s a really nice feature.

The game is free, the game is amazingly fun, the game is deep, and the game is awesome!  Get this game! Definitely in my top 5 right now.  10/10!

-TheAppEmperor *driving* out


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