Extreme Road Trip – 4/10

extreme road trip

Extreme Road Trip is a game that’s free to download but costs money to really play.  What I mean by that is that there are so many cars and motorbikes and trucks to choose from to use however only one of them is free.  And you can’t just unlock the others, you actually need to buy them.  That’s one car for you to use and 26 for you to buy.  Otherwise, this game would be pretty fun.  There is a sequel out, called Extreme Road Trip 2, that took into account all the major flaws of this one and the product is a completely awesome game. But that’s for another time.

Your gas pedal is stuck.  You have no brake.  You’re driving on extremely bumpy and hilly terrain with just two controls: a tilt left and tilt right button.  All is fair game so long as you don’t land on upside-down.  The object of the game is to go off jumps in the terrain and do flips while in the air.  Once you approach the ground, you better straighten out because the landing matters a lot.  If you land perfectly, that is with both sets of wheels landing at the same time, you get a lot more of a bonus.  And when I say bonus, I mean propulsion.  The more flips you do and the better you land them, the more of a boost you get.  This in turn makes you go faster, which means higher jumps and more flips, which leads to more of a boost.  The hard part is that the faster you go, the harder it is to land perfectly, and eventually it gets so hard that you’re bound to crash.  An alternative method of dying is by losing all your gas.  This means that you’re so bad that you messed up on the jumps to eventually slow down so much that you can’t do any flips and can’t get any boost.  Then your car will stop.  The only numerical “score” you get at the end is the distance you traveled.  A feature that is cool but meaningless is the background select.  Before each game you can chose where you’re going to drive, including the beach, mountains, desert, etc.  But this doesn’t change the game at all, it just gives a different background, changes around the color scheme, and adds some random obstacles that are absolutely meaningless.

Extreme Road Trip seems alright but I don’t find myself playing it so much due to the repetition.  A few new cars or vehicles would certainly change my mind but there’s no way I’m paying a few bucks for a tiny piece of a game.  There are quite a few advertisements, and the graphics are acceptable but certainly not Retina.  In addition, the fact that I can’t help but compare this game to its awesome successor only decreases its value.  Extreme Road Trip rolls through TheAppEmpire with a 4/10.

-TheAppEmperor *flipping* out


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