PITFALL!™ – 6/10


PITFALL!™ is a remake of the classic Atari game from the 1980s.  I’m not sure whether I really like it but it’s a pretty fun game with many flaws (its free price not one of them).  PITFALL!™ is from a quality company, Activision, so you know the game is solid.  I’d like to mention that the intro is really cool.  Anyway, they boast of its “retro HD graphics,” which is quite an ambiguous term.  I don’t know what exactly that means, but I can tell you that the graphics are 3D and pretty good.  I think that they’re trying to make the graphics not crystal clear since the game is very old, but instead it came out as if they really tried to make realistic graphics but they failed.  So I am unsure what to say in this regard.  Free games nowadays almost always have advertisements, and this is no different, but there are not too many so the game is at least still playable.

If you don’t know the gameplay, it’s a lot like Temple Run.  What makes this different is the camera angles.  They change at various points throughout the game, meaning that at some points you cannot tilt to collect silver because the camera is not behind the character (Harry).  This adds a cool twist.  And speaking of silver, it is almost impossible to buy stuff with it since the store is so overpriced (prompting you to spend real money to buy stuff).  They sell shirts, power-ups, upgrades and other such things.  There is also a secondary game mode called Relic Rush.  It is essentially the same exact thing but it takes place at different places and is supposedly more adequate for comparing scores and times and distances with friends.  While you rush through the stages you are supposed to be keeping an eye out for the diamond relics that you can find throughout all the Relic Rush stages.  I find the Relic Rush levels to be quite difficult, though, so looking and grabbing relics in addition to that is certainly an extra challenge.

Furthermore, PITFALL!™ is a bit more realistic than Temple Run, albeit still farfetched.  I enjoy playing PITFALL!™ because it contains that same addictiveness as Temple Run but after a while I get sick of the repetitiveness and difficulty.  When you can hardly buy power-ups to help you through challenging parts, and since the game is the same every time (it doesn’t randomly change to give you a different course like Temple Run) PITFALL!™ earns a lower rating.  6/10, could improve but it’s unlikely.

-TheAppEmpire *running* out


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