Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift – 8/10

cut the rope holiday gift

My favorite iOS series ever is back this holiday season with a special limited edition version: Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift!  Just as the other installments (Cut the Rope and Cut the Rope Experiments), Holiday Gift is amazing!  But you must keep in mind while enjoying these new 25 levels that the sole purpose of this game is to demo the other games.  That’s why this one is free while the other two will cost you a dollar.  That’s why this one offers just one level pack of 25 levels while the other two offer hundreds of levels.  That’s why this one is rated just a bit lower than the other two.

Overall, CTR: Holiday Gift keeps constant the gameplay of its predecessors, albeit making the game a whole lot more Christmasy.  For example, the ropes have lights on them, the magic hats are magic stockings, and more little stuff like that to get you into holiday spirit.  You won’t be blasted with advertisements for the other CTR games, and never during gameplay.  That’s awesome.

And, there are some other features that make CTR: Holiday Gift really good.  You can’t forget about the photo greeting card maker, which doesn’t make great greeting cards but is certainly fun to play around with. Basically, you can take or upload a photo, then add to it all sorts of cartoon CTR graphics!  When you’re content, you may save it and make another.  Then there’s easy access to the CTR cartoons, which are some videos from YouTube that create stories about Om Nom.  I’m not a fan of these since they’re a bit boring and commercial-like, but it’s cool that there’s access to the videos without leaving the app.  Therefore, Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift is a free gift, so download it.  It doesn’t take too long to play through but still is very fun.  It’s just another great game to add to the collection.  8/10!

-TheAppEmpire *caroling* out


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