Gangnam DanceBooth – 3/10

gangnam dancebooth

Ever wonder what your friends would look like doing the dance moves of PSY?  Want to see your buddies doing the Gangnam Style dance?  Well Gangnam DanceBooth is the free app that allows you to do just this.  Just this and nothing more.  Unless of course you would like to pay money for some useless upgrades.

After taking a picture of whomever you’d like, just fix the circle around the face and watch the app put that face on a pre-made dancing body.  They’ll play Gangnam Style for you, and a cool feature is that you can actually pick any song from your music library to use.  But I’ve had trouble with this; for some reason not all my songs worked.  In fact, most of my music wouldn’t be accepted by this app.  And even with different music, the dance is still the same thing every time, making this extremely boring after a few good laughs.  Another issue I have is that a picture rarely is perfect enough/ a face is rarely perfect enough for the circle to fit exactly around it.  And you can’t modify the shape of the circle, so almost every time there is some junk from the background that is caught around the face.

Since Gangnam DanceBooth is free, you might want to try it for a few days just for the laughs (because it is funny, I can’t deny that), but I assure you that this app will be gone within a few weeks just because it gets really boring really fast.  3/10.

-TheAppEmperor *dancing* out



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