Google Maps – 9/10

google maps

Google just released their new app for iOS that offers an (excellent) alternative to the Apple Maps app that comes with every iPhone.  This brand new app is completely free and is great quality.  As always with a new app there are potential features that were left out (like iPad support) and there are some bugs too, but Google is a company that knows what they’re doing so you can be assured that everything will be worked out and polished within the next few versions, not to mention that any missing features will surely be added if there’s any demand for them.

But the quality of this app is so high to begin with.  It gives you all the features that you know and love from Google Maps on the computer, such as high quality maps (including satellite), support for any mode of transportation, directions, and street view.  The maps are easy to navigate and the search function is super-refined to basically guess exactly where you’re typing before you finish.  And unlike Apple Maps, they always get it right.  You know that if Google Maps tells you that your place doesn’t exist, you can be pretty confident that you made a mistake, not the program.

Street view allows you to literally look around a neighborhood in any direction.  Just move the view around like a video game, look at the clouds, down someone’s driveway at their cars, look down the street, swipe for a turn down the next street, you can really familiarize yourself with a town this way.  Current location features are supported so that if, like some people, you have no clue where you are, you can just press a button and get a marker on your spot.  Maybe you don’t own a car and you rely on public transportation.  But how complex can the public transit systems get?  Google Maps can supply you with directions by foot, by car, by bike, or by public transit.  You may also want to check the traffic to see what roads should be avoided.  Well, once again Google Maps has your back.  They offer traffic maps with really easy, understandable data.  Turn-by-turn navigation is definitely a plus too.

I guess the public can thank Google now for bouncing back with a great app.  If you use your iPhone or other iOS device for maps a lot, then it’s definitely worth the few minutes to download this Google Maps app.  9/10!

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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