YouTube – 10/10


Apple officially parted with Google during the introduction of iOS 6.  Your iPhone was left without a familiar YouTube app to watch all your favorite videos quickly and easily and your crisp Maps app was choked to death (or very close to it).  But have no fear, Google came back with their third party apps of YouTube and Google Maps.  Here is the review of the very excellent YouTube app, which can be downloaded for free.

The classic icon that everyone was used to is gone in favor of one that boasts the name a little more.  But this app is very well done, not implying that the old one wasn’t.  Until very recently, this app was not optimized for iPad, so when you used it on the iPad, it would only fill up an iPhone-sized portion of the screen.  With this taken care of, there’s really not much more in the way of flaws.  When you first open up the app, you get the homepage of YouTube, fit and styled to your device.  By clicking the menu icon on the top-right, you get the options to sign in, edit settings, or go to a genre that’s listed there.  These include: Popular, Music, Sports, Gaming, Comedy, Education, and many more.  By using this feature, you can easily explore YouTube.  The top-left allows you to search YouTube, including a voice search.

The biggest changes are noticeable when a video is selected for viewing.  No longer is the whole screen occupied by the video player.  Unless you want a full-screen video, that is.  But if you’d like to be able to scroll through that video’s page with the video playing, reading comments and the description, you can now!  In portrait mode, the video plays with a small part of the screen, and the text that you’d see on the computer YouTube is readable under it.  That’s the “About,” “Suggested,” and “Comments.”  In addition, it’s really simple to share, add to favorites, or to do any other YouTube functions.  I really like the smooth simplicity of this YouTube app.  Is it a bit annoying to have to download it yourself instead of having it right where it used to be?  Sure, but that’s just a one time deal.  Now you’ll always have it there unless the world really does end next week.  10/10!

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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