Ski Safari – 8/10

ski safari

I downloaded this awesome game the other day for free called Ski Safari.  After playing it a few days, I decide to review it.  So I look it up online to get the icon and what do you know?  It’s $.99 now.  So I guess I got a sale, but even for the dollar, this game might just be worth it.  Ski Safari is a really creative game that puts you in control of a skier on the run from a massive avalanche!  And guess what?  The mountain never reaches the bottom!  So that means there’s infinite skiing (or death as a consequence).

The sound of the avalanche wakes up your character, and he slides out of his cabin on his bed.  The only control is press down to jump, press and hold to jump and backflip.  Unless you wipe out by hitting a rock or not landing a jump property, then you must tap and tap as fast as possible to get back up again.  As you may imagine, the bed isn’t very maneuverable, so once you hit a rock, the bed goes and now your just on skis.  If you go slowly or keep hitting rocks, then the avalanche will catch up with you and that’s game over.  But otherwise, you can do some pretty cool things.  Since all creatures are running from the snow, you can jump onto a penguin for a ride, or my personal favorite, a yeti.  The yetis are fast and they can do lots of flips.  If you’re lucky, you’ll ski through a cabin and grab a ski-mobile for motorized speed.  Then there are birds that can fly you high and far.  When they let go, if you tap and hold to flip, you could string many combos together for lots and lots of points.  Break through clouds on reentry, or even land on them perfectly to ski on them.  There’s a lot of stuff that Ski Safari has to offer.  And I’m still discovering more with each play.  Another really awesome feature is that once you play enough, you start unlocking new slopes to ski down, each one distinctive and harder than the one before it.  And with nice, clean graphics, Ski Safari is a great game for the holiday season.  It’s also a relatively new game, so updates are plenty to come to make this game even better and expanded.  8/10!

-TheAppEmperor *skiing* out


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