Rat On A Scooter XL – 6/10

rat on a scooter xl

Rat On A Scooter XL is a $0.99 game that is probably only worth getting if you can snag it for free (they sometimes have sales).  It’s pretty fun overall but is a little dry and can get very boring.  It’s sequel, Rat On A Snowboard, is very excellent though, and I’ll review it another day.  The background of the game is that you’re a rat and you’re on a scooter.  Rats like cheese.  Collect the cheese.  It’s very simple.

There are four game modes, which is a good thing.  Although they spice up the game a little bit, they all turn out to be basically the same thing.  I would propose combining all of the game modes into one super-challenging ultimate game mode.  But anyway, here they are:
-Super Cheese XL: this is the regular game mode.  There are platforms (with cheese on them) and you must tap and hold to jump the scooter.  You are allowed to tap again while in the air to give a little extra jump in case you need it.  Fall off of the platforms and you’re game is over.  You do not control the scooter other than the jumps, it will speed up as you progress automatically.  A cool feature is that you get extra points for wheelies and other such tricks.
-Fuel Depot: the same exact thing, except instead of cheese, you’re job is to collect fuel.  There’s a little meter above the rat’s head that decreases very quickly.  Run out of fuel or fall off the platforms and your game is over.
-Skill Course: instead of cheese this time, you have green flags.  These are worth five points.  But, the platforms are littered with little cones.  Hit one of these and it subtracts a point.  You die when you fall off a platform.
-Power Rider:  this one is the same as Super Cheese XL but every once in a while there’s a power-up available.  These don’t really do much besides drop some extra cheese, give you a few seconds of a safety net in case you fall, or switch the scooter for a jetpack for a few seconds.

Although Rat On A Scooter XL is fun and tries to be diverse, I just feel it’s a little boring and repetitive.  The game is from a good company (Donut Games), but I wouldn’t say this is their masterpiece.  So give it a whirl if you’d like, but it’s probably not worth a dollar in the long run.

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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