Shazam VS. SoundHound

shazam vs soundhound

We hope you like our all-new layout for TheAppEmpire! And to make this extra special, here’s our first ever DOUBLE REVIEW!  Shazam and SoundHound are two apps that attempt to accomplish virtually the same things, so what’s better than a direct comparison to let you know which to get and which to leave on the shelf.  At the end, take a minute to vote for your personal favorite.

Shazam and SoundHound, both free, are apps that can listen to music for you and tell you the info about that song, such as the name, artist, album, and even album cover artwork. I’m not sure exactly how they work, but they both do. Nevertheless, there are some drastic differences that easily sway me towards one…

First let me discuss SoundHound (the orange icon):
SoundHound has a button to press to listen to a song. After listening for a few seconds, your song is displayed along with the information about it. This page will have a link to download that song on iTunes and will also allow you to stream that song via Rdio. From here you may also share the link to this song with your friends or through email. Also, you may not have the song playing that you wish to identify, so SoundHound lets you sing the song or even hum it (a different musical key will also not hinder SoundHound). You can bookmark any particular song too for easy accessibility. Besides the impressive speed, the single best feature that SoundHound offers is Live Lyrics. I mean, this is really amazing. As a song is playing, SoundHound will provide you with the lyrics to it line by line that go with the exact part that you’re listening to. I don’t know if I explained that well enough, but it’s awesome that the lyrics move with the song, kind of like a karaoke machine would do. SoundHound also can show you various posts on its main screen, such as the top 25 songs for this holiday season or whatever. You may also search for a song by title, artist, album, you name it. Then you can preview the song just as you would on iTunes. Also very cool, if you have that song in your music library on that device, SoundHound can play it for you without even switching out of the app, full length, right from your collection AND it will provide you with the lyrics. All of your searches and song identifications are saved into a “recents” menu, so you can easily find that song you heard on the way home on the radio. The app is smooth and refined on top of these features.

Shazam (the blue icon):
First, here’s an overview. Shazam will listen to songs and ID them for you, or you can search for a song. You can even look through the top charts to find your song. Shazam let’s you connect to Facebook, making it a little more social. Right when the app opens, there is one button there, the listen button, so you won’t get confused about where to press, and so that you can ID a song right away. Now for some comparison. Shazam tends to take much longer to identify a song than SoundHound does. It also will not allow you to hum or sing the song unless you can replicate it perfectly (including the musical key). I have also had some wrong results, but not too often. Shazam doesn’t offer any obvious way to get lyrics, nevermind Live Lyrics. Furthermore, Shazam won’t play a song from your music library, so you can’t use it to get lyrics on a song that you own, like you can in SoundHound. Shazam also doesn’t let you preview a song; the only way to listen to a song that you search is through Rdio. However, there is a pretty cool YouTube button that can attempt to play you a song right from YouTube. Shazam doesn’t offer any articles on music selection, and doesn’t try to get to know your tastes.

Therefore, I conclude that SoundHound is your best option for music identification. It has really awesome features and incomparable speed. SoundHound is our winner!

-TheAppEmperor *singing* out


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