Bike Race by Top Free Games – 9/10


Bike Race by Top Free Games is a really popular free game now.  There is also a $.99 version but the free version is so good that paying the extra money is probably not worth it, unless you’re that obsessed.  There are plenty of in-app purchases to take your money either way.  You get to be that motorbike racer that you’ve always dreamed of being in this game!  With two easy controls (left half of the screen is the gas pedal, right half is the brake) and 80 cool levels plus a great multiplayer mode, this game is simple but extremely entertaining.  I’ll first describe the single player: There are 10 level packs each with 8 levels, and each level can get you up to three stars, depending on how fast you finish.  The more stars you get, the more level packs you unlock.  All of the levels are really unique, but they employ some common elements.  Your job is simple to reach the flag at the end in a timely manner, flying through all the loops, jumps, drops, and more.  The levels are sometimes easy, sometimes hard, which is really good in that you never know what to expect.  Then, as per usual, there are some levels that take many tries, and you still never get the amount of stars that you want.  The multiplayer, which employs Facebook to find friends to play against is also really well done.  There are three pieces to every challenge that you send to a friend.  First, you watch your previous race that the opponent just completed.  Next, you race against the “shadow” of your opponent (this isn’t live, they recorded a race that you are now playing against), then you record a race for them.  I guess it’s reasonable to expect, but I don’t really love how the levels on the multiplayer are the same ones from the single player, and not only that, but it’s always the same ten levels.  There is already such a diverse selection of levels, so why not incorporate all the levels into the multiplayer, or invent more?  Well, I’m not complaining since I love this game and since it’s completely free.  A high suggestion and a 9/10!

-TheAppEmperor singing out


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