Hoggy – 7/10


Hoggy is a really fun “strategy” game with some really cool features. So after downloading Hoggy for free, you get to this pretty cool menu, because this menu is kind of part of the game. Strange, but awesome. Before you can comprehend the epicness of the menu, I better describe the actual game. So you play as Hoggy, which is the purple guy in the icon. He’s made of some goo and can defy gravity, while sliding along surfaces. So basically you have two controls: the tilt to slide Hoggy along the ceiling or floor; and changing Hoggy’s position by tapping. Tapping anywhere will put Hoggy up to the ceiling (likewise if you’re already on the ceiling then tapping will return him to the floor). So the menu and level select are based upon these controls too, as you must maneuver Hoggy and land him into a jar. Each jar contains an awesome level to play. Before I go into what exactly is in each jar, I should mention that the object of each level is to grab the key at the end, and once you accumulate enough keys to open a door, you can do that if you want. Or you could keep saving up to open a larger door. So now, what exactly does a level consist of? Well, it’s hard to answer that since each level is unique and they hold a wide variety of different things. But here’s the general overview: you’ll have some platforms that are specially designed for Hoggy to weave through, you must avoid all enemies, and collect the fruits for extra points. If you hit an enemy, Hoggy splatters and you can restart the jar. A great thing is that there are no “lives” and you can play a jar an unlimited amount of times. But keep in mind that once you splat, you must start at the beginning of the level, and some are quite long. I don’t want to say too much more, since it’s all open to your discovery at the touch of a fingertip. So once you’re done browsing TheAppEmpire, I highly suggest downloading Hoggy. But until they add some more levels and Retina graphics, unfortunately this game will remain at a 7/10.

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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