Perfect Captions- Your Life With Subtitles – 8/10

perfect captions your life with subtitles

Perfect Captions- Your Life With Subtitles isn’t a perfect app as the name suggests, but for free, it’s very good. This app allows you to add custom captions to any photo. You can chose and existing photo or you can take one directly from the app. The captions are really durable and can be customized to exactly how you would like them. All you have to do is swipe left or right where you want a caption and then a text box appears. To change the size, just grab any corner and manipulate it exactly to the right size. Automatically these captions come up blue, but you can change that, of course, when you add the text. Before I discuss that, I’ll add that the captions can be rotated to the degree of your choice by grabbing the arrowed bar underneath the caption and spinning it. So then you tap the caption box and you get a new window. Here you can type the text, chose the font size, chose the font and color, chose the background color and opacity of the text box, and chose the shape of the box (and whether you’d like a border). That’s a pretty full list of commands. An important feature is that you can add emoji to the text at full size. I think this app is pretty good at its function, especially for free, but it would be cool to allow the user to manipulate the photo too. I can understand if that version of the app would cost money but I still would like to see that. All you can do to the photo is rotate it by increments of 90 degrees. But I guess there’s always other apps to use to add filters and effects to the photo, namely CamWow (see review!). When you’re finished with your masterpiece, you may export it to a text message, email, camera roll, Facebook, really anywhere necessary. And with just a click of the menu. Therefore Perfect Captions will make your life easy when it comes to captioning photos, and the design of the app makes it really easy to learn and pick up. 8/10!

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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