Sheep Launcher Free! – 6/10

Sheep Launcher Free! is a(n obviously free) game that is very old yet still pretty entertaining.  Don’t get me wrong… I think highly of this game but for some reason I know it’s just not up to a 7/10.  You pretty much launch a sheep off a spring-loaded contraption and must keep pressing the sheep to bump it higher and higher.  It will go off the top of the screen, which is what makes the game a bit challenging, but when it comes back down, just tap it.  That’s all there is to it.  The instructions say that you can tilt the device to move the sheep left and right but I have not been able to access this feature.  It doesn’t really matter to me either.  There are all sorts of things in the sky, such as colored stars (collecting them gets you extra points), bumpers that just bump the sheep up a little more, jetpacks which fly the sheep upward for a bit, teleporters that warp the sheep to a higher altitude, and cushions to act as a safety net in case you mistap and don’t press the sheep.  The idea behind this game is really crazy, which translates to fun but somewhat stupid.  My favorite part of the game is the background (I know that makes it sound like the game is really bad, but it’s not!).  As you get higher, the clouds disappear and the sky gets darker.  Soon you’re in space, then the moon, and even Mars I think afterwards.  I haven’t gotten farther than this but I’m sure it goes on for a long ways, as the top in-app-purchase is an unlock of the whole universe.  I can’t say I’m entirely sure what exactly “unlocking” the universe means, but it sounds pretty legit.  I don’t have the full version but the only difference it has is that you can play as a variety of animals.  Big whoop for an extra dollar.  Overall, Sheep Launcher Free! is a classic iPhone game in my books, and thus a staple of my old iPod and now my iPhone.  I should probably get it for iPad because that would be epic.  Unfortunately, there’s just not much difference between the very first time you play and the very last.  It’s really the same exact game over and over, therefore it earns a 6/10.

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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