Badly Drawn Faces – 9/10

Badly Drawn Faces - 9/10

Badly Drawn Faces is a brand new free app from Sporcle Inc. that I highly suggest. Overall, the app is well done with few glitches and no real problems, besides the advertisements, which are sure to drive you crazy until you get used to them halfway through the game. So as it goes, Sharpy the Narwhal draws faces (badly) and it’s your job to guess who they belong to. They’re not that badly drawn either. This game starts off really easy with people like Batman, Darth Vader, and Abe Lincoln. Each successive level pack gets harder, and soon enough they’re almost impossible. Badly Drawn Faces took some influence from the Logos Quiz Game, which is evident in the next few points. First, each face that you guess correctly gives you “fish” which act as an in-game currency. These fish can be used to buy hints if you’re stuck on a face. (By the way, you can always just skip a face if you so choose.) Hints come in three stages, each costing three fish. If the first hint isn’t good enough for you, buy the second, an so on. Level packs are unlocked by reaching a total faces guessed threshold. Eventually, you will get to a point in which you cannot guess anymore available faces in all of the level packs that you unlocked, but you still want to unlock the next level pack to play more. Here are the two solutions: use fish to get hints to try to guess the remaining faces, or use fish to unlock the next level pack. A great feature is that the amount of fish that it costs to unlock a new level pack decreases as you get closer and closer to the threshold for that pack. So if you only need one more face but you can’t figure one more out, the price to unlock will be very cheap. Another great feature of this game is that (acceptable) spelling mistakes are okay. Because sometimes names are hard to spell, or are commonly spelled different ways, this game accounts for that and accepts answers with similar spellings. Badly Drawn Faces really gets ahold of many types of people. There are musicians, politicians, athletes, historical figures, etc. And none are really obscure people; if you were given choices the game would be really easy since chances are, you’ve seen the faces before, but trust me, it’s really challenging at times. There are so many levels too! Twelve level packs for a total of 460 faces is sure to keep you occupied. And since Badly Drawn Faces is fairly new, keep watch for massive updates of new level packs. Would be an easy 10 but the ads really get to you, so it’s “just” a 9/10.

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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