Jelly Car 3 – 9/10

Jelly Car 3 - 9/10

First off, I’d like to mention that this is TheAppEmpire’s 100th review! Thank you for all your support and let’s go for 100 more!

To continue the Jelly Car weekend, here’s the review of the most recent and final Jelly Car game. Jelly Car 3 is another great title, but falls a bit short to the greatness of 2, and costs $1.99. The controls remain the same and the type of gameplay does too, so for more on that, check out the previous two reviews. They kept the balloon and sticky tires power-ups in this game and they do make it more interesting by broadening the types of things that you can do with your jelly car. So now the specifics of the game.

I should mention that the graphics on Jelly Car 3 are amazing. It was made for the Retina display and is extremely sharp. Jelly Car 3 does not have the same blocked icon menu that the other two have. But the menu is still creative. It consists of a few different menus that you can slide left and right to get to. Each one of these is hanging like a rope ladder and moves accordingly to the tilt, but you can never get the menu to become all jumbled such as those from the last two. There is only one game mode in this third installment, which I find pretty interesting. Why would they take away some of the fun game modes when they made the new one? There is no level builder, there is no Tilt mode, there is no Factory mode, there is no Long Jump mode. Although such things as Tilt and Long Jump aren’t their own game modes, they are still incorporated in the game. They did keep the car creator, which became more advanced. Now you can chose the shape of your car and chose the exact color and use the crayon tools to draw on it. You may also chose from preexisting patterns (flags, animals, etc.).

Also for the first time, we don’t see levels broken up by difficulty (sort-of). There are tons of levels in Jelly Car 3, each broken up into level packs. I don’t want to spoil anything but I’ll give the names of the packs: Learner’s Permit, Around the World, In the Machine, Classic Levels, Sliding Levels, and Time and Space. A brand new feature that shapes every moment of this game is the use of stars. All levels are timed and depending on how long you take, you get anywhere from 0 to 3 stars. Once you reach a certain threshold, the next level pack is unlocked. Therefore, if you’re not good, you may never play the “sliding levels” or the “classic levels.” I like this because it makes it a bit longer and more challenging. It also gives a reason to keep playing.

There are two other notable features in Jelly Car 3. The first being the unlimited growth of your jelly car. Remember how in the first two Jelly Car games you could only turn large if you had some energy in the bar? Well now there is no bar and you can grow and shrink whenever you feel, and for however long you feel. Next, there is a rewind feature that I personally don’t use, but it’s still a big deal. At any point, you may pause the game and rewind time. For example if you got yourself stuck, or even died, you can rewind to any point. While you’re at it you can also check out a full level replay. Be wise with the rewinds, you only have a limited amount, and to get more you must pay. They have also added some secret exits to make each level interesting after the first time.

So as you can see, Jelly Car 3 is still awesome, albeit nowhere near as diverse as Jelly Car 2. But still, if you’re a Jelly Car fan or just an iOS enthusiast, you should probably buy Jelly Car 3. Does the price fit its gameplay? I’d say yes, but it’s awfully close to being too expensive. Still a 9/10!
Happy 100th Review!

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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