Jelly Car 2 – 10/10

Jelly Car 2 - 10/10

Your Jelly Car weekend continues with today’s review of Jelly Car 2! The sequel to the free Jelly Car will cost $.99, but it is well worth it. Arguably, Jelly Car 2 is the best of the three. The graphics aren’t Retina, but they’re not bad, albeit a bit fuzzy. They are one step above the original graphics. The controls are the same. The menu design is just like that of its predecessor, with blocks that can be tilted all over the place. In the game, they have added and changed a few minor things, such as a pause button and checkpoints so that you don’t have to start every level from the beginning if you had almost finished it. A major change is the addition of two “power-ups,” the sticky tires and the balloon. If you drive into either one of these during a level, it gets put at the bottom of the screen for your use whenever necessary in that level. The balloon just allows you to float upward, and the sticky tires allow for the jelly car to drive upside-down or any direction without falling or jumping. Jelly Car 2 has several different game modes, all amazing.

First, there’s Classic mode, which gives you the type of creative levels that we all loved from Jelly Car. They are further broken into Easy, Normal, Hard, Simple, and Tilt. The first four types each contain several levels ranked by their difficulty. Tilt is a new and cool game mode. Tilt puts your car into a sled-thing so that the only controls you can use are the tilts. No drive forward or backwards. These levels can allow you to do all sorts of things that you wouldn’t have thought of. I think that this addition was excellent.

Another icon on the main menu is the My Car section of the game. This isn’t another game mode, but it allows you to fully customize the design, wheels, and colors of your car. You are no longer stuck playing with the same car that all other users are. My Car lets you pick and choose between many shapes, including a three-wheeled alien saucer. There’s also a button on the main menu called My Levels. This is a level creator, which allows you to create your very own personal levels for Jelly Car 2! Make it easy, make it hard, do anything that you like. Just another awesome feature of this jam-packed game.

There are two more game modes in Jelly Car 2. The first is Long Jump mode, which allows you to go down ramps, then through all sorts of rotating “launchers” to see the maximum distance that you can go. A tip is to tap the jelly car to enlarge it before the launch. These levels are not scored based on time, they are scored based on the distance that you launched. I’ll admit these levels are creative, but they’re not the most intriguing part of the game. Lastly, there’s Factory mode. This has nothing to do with the rest of the game but is still fun as the rest. Basically, pieces are dropped from the top of the screen. Each piece is one of four different shapes. The bottom of the screen has four chutes, one specifically made for each shape. You must tap the three sorters to create the correct path to that piece’s chute. Sounds easy but it gets extremely hard once the game speeds up. You have 10 lives until your game is over.

So if you hadn’t noticed, Jelly Car 2 is packed to the max with all sorts of diverse games and game modes. So much has been added and nothing has been taken away. It does cost a dollar but if you’re going to spend a dollar on something, it might as well be Jelly Car 2. I could easily see them selling this game for two or three dollars and still getting the same amount of downloads. Jelly Car 2 is one of the best iOS games out there, 10/10!
(PS: One more review until TheAppEmpire hits its 100th!)

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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