Jelly Car – 8/10

Jelly Car is the first installment in a series of three.  Jelly Car is really old (almost five years), but still very fun and very free.  It was or still is a pretty popular game, so you may already know about it of its sequels, but I’ll review it for all of you anyway.

First, I’d like to touch upon the controls.  They are simple enough, and I’d even say at the time of this game’s release some were almost revolutionary.  To move the car forward, just press anywhere on the right side of the screen.  Reverse is initiated by touching anywhere on the left side.  Tilt to make the car tilt whichever way, which is useful even in the air to stay balanced.  The pause menu is opened by tapping with three fingers.

Now for the gameplay.  Jelly Car allows you to be the driver of a car made of, you guessed it, jelly.  In fact, everything in the world of Jelly Car is made from the same gelatin-like material that is bouncy, squishy, and extremely fun to drive on.  So, once you open the app, you will be greeted by old, not sharp graphics and a menu that moves around according to the tilt of your device.  Each item on the menu is a separate block, so you can actually twist and turn the menu all over the place to render it difficult to use.  This is both bad and good.  The bad side is that if you don’t mean to be tilting your device but you are, you may mispress an item on the menu, but the good part is that it’s creative and pretty awesome to mess around with.  Anyway, you have your choices of Easy, Average, and Hard, which each contain a handful of unique levels with the difficulty specified in their title.  The levels are well-crafted mini worlds of jelly with everything from ramps to elevators to spiky areas, you name it!  The object of the game being to reach the end point, specified by a stop sign.  All levels are timed.  Now the jelly car can grow into a jelly monster.  Every few seconds a bar on the top of the screen fills up meaning that you can use this monster-growth feature for that amount of time.  To activate it, just press the car.  Immediately, the bar will start to decrease and when it reaches the end, your car shrinks back to normal.  You can always shrink the car on your own by tapping it once.  I should add that you never need to wait for the bar to be full or empty to activate/deactivate the large size.  It’s all up to you, but time it wisely.  Some areas will require the large size to either get across a gap or get over something, or whatever the reason may be.

Some levels are really simple, but some are extremely difficult.  Either way, they’re all fun.  Jelly Car will keep you occupied for so long, and all for the great bargain of FREE!  I really like Jelly Car; to me it’s not only a classic but also a personal favorite.  And remember, Jelly Car is the first in a series of three, so it only gets even better.  8/10!
(PS: T-2 reviews until TheAppEmpire hits their 100th!)

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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