Paper Toss: World Tour- Now Free – 7/10

Paper Toss: World Tour- Now Free (not is only is free, as the name suggests, but also) another great app from the Paper Toss series.  I think this is the last one so don’t worry, the reviews will stop if you’re not a fan of Paper Toss.  But as you can probably guess, I am a fan.  Obviously, the premise and how-to-play is the same as the others, but yet there is still plenty of differences in World Tour.  For starters, it doesn’t have any multiplayer as Paper Toss Friends does, and it doesn’t take place in offices or other domestic areas, as the previous three have.  World Tour takes you around the world.  In this one, the harder levels need to be unlocked by achieving success on the previous levels.  Here are the levels in order of difficulty:
Japan- really, really easy
Egypt- Great Pyramid background, and sand that actually blows according to the wind speed and direction
Germany- a little village with beer; lanterns blow with the wind speed and direction
Brazil- jungle with rain that blows with the wind
Indonesia- a beach with clouds that blow with the wind
India- Taj Mahal, also with moving clouds.  The ball will land in the water if you miss the basket.
Russia- the Kremlin with snow that blows according to the wind
USA- a baseball field, ball thrown from the top of the stadium onto the pitcher’s mound.  Extremely difficult, almost impossible.
Bonus levels are Antarctica which features an ice cap, and Peru, which takes you onto a live volcano.  Your missed shot will end up in some hot lava.  Snow and steam are indicators of the wind, respectively, in the bonus levels.  The levels are doable very quickly up to Russia.  That one is hard to beat to unlock the USA, which is good that you don’t have to beat USA to unlock any further levels.  I should mention that when I say “beat” a level, that just means the sometimes-difficult task of a streak of three.
So that’s the game, really fun!  The worst thing once again with this Paper Toss game is the advertising.  I can usually get over it to save the money that would get rid of the ads, but I have seriously considered paying in World Tour.  They’re all over and quite distracting/annoying.  But I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of giving into their advertisements.  I’ll make it through.

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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