Pro Baseball Catcher – 8/10

Pro Baseball Catcher is a free quality app that puts you behind the plate of some crazy pitchers.  As a ball is thrown, you must move the glove (your finger) to where the ball will end up.  Easy right?  No way.  Just wait until the pitcher starts to break out the curveballs.
There are four fun game modes.  First, there’s “Three Strikes.”  In this one, you will try to play as long as possible, with each pitch getting progressively harder.  Miss one, and that’s strike one.  Another is strike two, and if you miss a third ball then your game is over.  It is possible to get a life back, but not easy.  For this you must go on a crazy streak of catches so that the ball lights on fire.  Then you will be awarded an extra life.  The next game mode is “Sudden Death.”  That’s simple to understand; it has the same purpose as Three Strikes, but there’s only one life, and no way to get extra lives.  Miss a ball and that’s the end of your game.  Third, there is “Curveball.”  This one exactly like Three Strikes but with only curveballs.  No easy fastballs will be throw to you.  And be warned, curveballs are nearly unpredictable.  Finally, the last game mode is “Multiball,” which is by far the most interesting.  Here there are up to three pitchers at once, each throwing a mixture of fastballs and curveballs all over the place.  You must really pay attention to which pitcher lifts his leg so that you can perhaps track down that ball before being distracted with the next one.  There will never be two or three balls coming at you at once, but they do come in quickly after each other.  You can’t lose Multiball, the game ends automatically after 50 pitches are thrown to you.  This is the game mode that all the other game modes prepare you for.  This one is the top of the mountain.  And it’s very fun.  I should warn you, that once you mess up you will mess up even more since a ball that whizzes by the glove could crack the screen (not literally of course but in the game).  With the cracks, it’s hard to see which pitcher will deliver the next pitch and even harder to track it down.
I do not have many complaints about this game, but there could be more to it.  I don’t feel that it deserves to rate higher than it did because it is quite repetitive (but never the same) and what you see is what you get.  No unlocking of the four game modes or something like that to keep players playing.  Once you get bored of Pro Baseball Catcher there’s nothing to really pull you back.  But for a free game, if you’re a baseball fan or just a fan of action games that will keep you on your toes (or finger), I highly suggest Pro Baseball Catcher to you.  An 8/10!

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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