Battle Monkeys – 6/10

Battle Monkeys - 6/10

Battle Monkeys is an interestingly creative puzzle game that currently costs $2.99. Why the expensive price? Well, for starters the graphics are really nice. The game itself has solo play and online multiplayer and a few different characters to use (will be discussed later). It’s original and keeps the player thinking while mixing in action and of course weapons. However, I feel that Battle Monkeys is not worth all three dollars. I mean, it’s alright but slightly boring and really the same thing over and over again.
So here’s how to play: you chose your character. At first you’re given a monkey but play enough and you’ll have enough coins to purchase more special guys like the chimpanzee or gorilla. The more expensive the character, the better its power-ups. So you start a game, let’s assume a single player for simplicity’s sake, and there are three other players, in this case all computerized. The board has all these weird symbols on it which really can only be learned by experience. I still don’t know them all so maybe they can add some instructions in an update. Each turn gives all the players about 5 seconds to make their move (it is the same five seconds for everyone, they all go at once, not in a rotation). Once you select the place that you would like to jump that turn, every symbol on the board shifts down one row. So really to land on something that you want, you should jump to the row directly below it. This isn’t too much of a challenge and I’m not really sure that the moving board is necessary since it doesn’t surprise the players with a random symbol underneath them. But whatever, it makes it a little more stimulating. The symbols represent something in the ballpark of a gun (which shoots a bullet in four directions around you), a blowgun (which poisons the closest player), extra health, invisibility, etc. As you might deduce, the object is to reduce the other players’ health down to zero. The part that makes the game difficult is that you don’t know where the other players will jump that turn so it’s not like you can purposely line it up so that they’ll be in line of your bullet. You just have to guess where they will jump. It’s all a mind game and mostly random chance, although I’ll admit a good amount of skill goes into it. You can also use coins (earned from winning) to purchase outfits for the characters that you’ve bought, which is kind of cool.
Well that’s my probably-not-so-good explanation of a complex game, Battle Monkeys. It’s nothing more than “okay” so for the three dollars I’d say to not bother. Just a 6/10.

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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