Bad Piggies – 9/10

Bad Piggies is another awesome game from the makers of Angry Birds.  It has sat atop the charts for quite a bit now, and in an effort to get this review out while the game is still relevant, I cannot say that I’ve played as far into Bad Piggies as I would have liked, but I still have a good idea of the game.  First of all, Bad Piggies costs $.99, but a dollar spent on a Rovio game is a dollar well spent.   That said, Bad Piggies requires you to play as the pigs, which is a bit hard after you’ve been programmed by Angry Birds to kill them.  The object of the game is to build a machine with the given items that will get the pig to the end point.  Each level is worth three stars.  One is for finishing it, and the other two vary.  Sometimes they can both be earned by collecting the stars in the level or sometimes only one is an actual star to collect while the other can be earned for beating the level under a certain time threshold.  Each level is different.
But how do you build a contraption?  Well, you are given certain items in a certain quantity like blocks, TNT, a fan, bottle rockets, a bellows, different types of wheels, balloons, or much more.  You have a grid to build in, each item taking up one square in the grid.  The sizes of the grids vary with each level.  You have the freedom to build whatever you like using the materials given; there’s not just one way to beat a level, in fact there are probably hundreds!  But that does not mean it’s easy.  Bad Piggies is one of the simplest but hardest games.  Bottle rockets can be angled either left, right, up, or down.  All the mechanical items (I’ll include TNT in this category for simplicity’s sake) are activated on demand.  For example you build a contraption with a fan on the back for propulsion, then you press the start button.  At your command, you can turn on and shut off the fan.
Further on in the game, you can experiment with airborne contraptions with wings and what not, which is super cool.  Balloons that are used can be popped one by one to put you in full control over you invention.  The physics implemented in Bad Piggies is pretty much flawless, with everything making sense and happening realistically.  As you could have guessed there are plenty of bonus levels and such, including the Sandbox levels.  These are purely for entertainment and experimentation, as you are given a huge grid with every item that you’ve used so far in that level pack.  The possibilities are literally endless!
And remember, Bad Piggies is new.  There will be many more levels (not that they need any, there’s already more than 100) and refinements and new items introduced.  My only minor complaint is that Bad Piggies can get really difficult and there’s not really any way to bypass a level so once you’re stuck, you’re stuck.  But that aside, Bad Piggies is a 9/10 and definitely worth every cent.  You can’t go wrong!

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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