ESPN Streak for the Cash – 8/10

ESPN Streak for the Cash is another great app from ESPN.  It is also free.  Streak for the Cash is a sports prediction game that many may know from playing at, however it has been released (a while ago) as an app for the mobile platform.  After logging in to your ESPN account, you will see a list of all the possible predictions for that day.  These include everything from “Who will win this matchup” to “How many points will be scored in the second half of ____” to “What will be the game result” (in this one you must chose whether a team wins by double digits or something like that).  There are many other questions that they tend to ask and they cover really every sport (yes golf and boxing are sports) even college.  So once you find one you like, make your prediction.  The predictions are multiple choice, and there are always two choices so in theory it should be a 50/50.  The percentage of people who chose either result is displayed underneath to help you make your decision.  So then after that game or quarter or whatever you predicted is over, you either get a Win or a Loss and that builds your record and your streak.  The record is just a way to see how good someone is, it’s the streak that really counts, which I’ll describe later.  If you’re smart about when you make your picks, since you can only predict one thing at a time, you can maybe squeeze four or five predictions into a day.  You can see who is leading Streak for the Cash in a whole bunch of categories by pressing a button at the bottom.  So why streak?  Each month the game resets and the ultimate goal is to reach a streak (that means without losing one prediction) of 27.  Do this and you can win some serious cash.  If no one wins in a month, then the cash rolls over to the next month, and currently the earnings are $200,000.  Streak for the Cash takes a certain amount of skill, sports knowledge, and of course luck.  The app runs well for the most part but lags a little bit sometimes, as do most apps that are constantly downloading information from the Internet.  The interface is easy to learn and use and the app can be set for notifications to let you know whether you won or lost your prediction, also cluing you in to the fact that it’s now time to make another prediction.  So for all the Streak for the Cashers, good luck.  8/10!

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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