Armed Beasts – 2/10

Armed Beasts, an awful game that will attempt to rip off people for $1.99, is something that you should stay away from.  In addition to the steep price, in order to use characters or upgrade weapons to anything that’s good, you need to buy pay another few dollars!  So okay, if money is not any problem, the rest of the game will certainly be.  The whole idea is to fend off the bad monsters.  This isn’t an intelligent idea, but I could definitively see this going somewhere great.  But Armed Beasts doesn’t take you there.  Instead it takes you to the place where you can run around for short periods of time (that seem like they take forever) by moving your finger like a joystick, all the while shooting these monsters.  Can you control the shooting?  No.  It will always be shooting unless it’s reloading.  The graphics are probably the best thing about this game, and they aren’t anything much either, but I’m not complaining about them.  There is way too much to dislike about Armed Beasts to cry over the slightly-above-average graphics.  Weapons (I say that as if you have such a choice, which you don’t really) are upgradable under the categories of “damage,” “reloading,” and “ammo.”  To do this you spend coins, which you earn playing this stupid waste-of-time.  There are a few levels, each one unlocked as you reach a certain wave in the previous one.  They get increasingly harder, but as to what extent I cannot reveal, for I have not played enough to have advanced to a point at which I have this insight.  So yes, that’s about all I’ll rant about the terrible game Armed Beasts.  Stay away if you have any taste in apps!  2/10!


-TheAppEmperor signing out


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