MotoHeroz – 5/10

MotoHeroz is a cartoon racing game that has a lot to be worked out before it can score a higher rating. It costs $.99, and that technically gets you the full game, but progress far enough and MotoHeroz will start to crash and lose progress and all sorts of nasty stuff. Not to mention that the plural of “hero” is “heroes” so the title should really be MotoHeroez. But instead they leave out an “e.” Oh well, can’t get everything…
But that’s not the point. Here we have a potentially amazing game with excellent graphics, fluid motion, and cool upgradable features to your quad. I mean they know how to make a good game. There are really nice features such as the cool menus and the ghosts that shadow your previous run on a track to see whether you’re beating them at any given moment. Now for the bad things. It’s so hard, even the first levels! You must achieve five stars in five levels (each level gives up to three stars) to advance from the first level pack to the next. Well try as I might, but it is nearly impossible to get anything above one star! At this rate, I’ll be able to unlock the next level packs, but not prevail any further. These are the same stars that you can choose to use to purchase an completely new vehicle, as opposed to simply upgrading the aspects of your current one, which uses coins. The coins, as per most games of the sort, are earned by playing levels. As for the number of levels, I wish I could shed some light on that but seeing as I haven’t advanced much past the beginning, it’s pretty difficult. I can tell you that there are 10 level packs and each has probably five to ten levels in it, so you do the math. When I do the math, I see a whole lot of levels, and that’s a good thing. It’s just a shame that either this game is ridiculously hard or I’m ridiculously bad at it that I won’t be able to see the vast majority of the levels.
But taking it at face value, MotoHeroz is worth a 5/10 because it is a good game, has nice looks, cool upgrades, easy controls, nice features, but crashes, costs a dollar, is really hard, and could use a nice big update to bring it up to the save level as many other successful racing games, because MotoHeroz certainly has the potential. I’d maybe add a few different types of game modes for those who get stuck in the one and only mode with the strenuous levels.

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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