Paper Toss 2.0 – 9/10

Paper Toss 2.0 - 9/10

Paper Toss 2.0 is the free sequel to the famous app Paper Toss. 2.0 has the same idea as the first one, which if you don’t remember was described just a few weeks ago in its review (September 23). Basically, you must throw the paper ball into the wastebasket accounting for the amount of wind created by the fan. The old game had quite a few venues to play, but this game has even more. I’ll describe each of the levels you can choose from and their difficulties: First there’s Boss, which puts you into the room of your boss, who happens to be sleeping. The garbage is on his desk, and it is pretty close, making this level easy. If you aim it right, you can hit the boss, making him twitch, get the paper in his coffee, or even land it right into his fish tank. There are things like this in each place, and achievements to go along with them. Then there’s Cubicle, which is also really easy. It’s just a basic office setting, with people to hit in the next cubicles. After that comes Intern, which I find really difficult. The garbage can isn’t far away, but there’s some guy holding it while going back and forth on a swivel chair. Not only do you have to account for the fan’s wind, but now time it exactly to where the guy will be. Hard! Then there’s Warehouse, which is a long distance and kind of boring since there’s nothing to hit on the sides. The last three are Easy, Medium, and Hard, which are the same levels that everyone knows and loves from the previous Paper Toss game. They brought back the classics. Now for the best part of the game! You don’t have to throw paper balls. Each time you score a shot, you earn coins which allow you to buy different projectiles. I’ll list just a few: tomato, crushed can, watermelon, banana, bouncy ball, cola, grenade, and many more! Each of these items obviously weighs differently, and mostly more than the paper ball, so they all are affected by the wind accordingly. This is really cool. You can also pick up some power-ups with the coins. A few are: bigger basket, displaying a suggested swipe path, a basket vacuum, and an off switch for the fan (for one shot). I really think that this store added so much more to play for and to keep me tossing. Now you’ll notice that this game didn’t get a 10, and here’s why. Advertisements. They’re all over the place. Every time you go to the main menu they pop up. They’re at the top of the screen too. And they’re the smart advertisements, meaning that sometimes they get me to click them by accident, although you will soon notice where and when they tend to appear so you can figure them out. But still a great game, and it is free, so definitively get it! 9/10!

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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