Pickpawcket – 6/10

Pickpawcket - 6/10

Pickpawcket is a silly strategy game that will make you drop a dollar if you chose to download it. It’s actually a pretty decent game, but I think it gets boring, frustrating, and a little repetitive (but that’s not too much of an issue). The premise is that you are the world’s sneakiest cat burglar who needs to get the paintings from the museums. The guards, who happen to be dogs, try their best to catch you, but we all know dogs aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed. There are 80 levels over four museums, creatively named Metrodogitan, Doggenheim, Wouffizi, and Spotsonian. Once you start a level, you obviously begin at the entrance. Then you must get to the other end to take the painting without walking in the sight of the dogs. Their vision isn’t too good, and it is represented by a gray line that shows exactly how far they can see. But they are always pacing around and changing directions. They never go randomly, there is always a fixed pattern or fixed motion that each dog travels, so you can predict their movement and plan accordingly. Each level has three gems that you can collect (optional). Then you must finish the level by making your way all the way back to the entrance. It’s hard on the way there and on the way back. Each time a dog spots you, you must start from the beginning, which is a huge pain once the levels get to a certain point of difficulty. There are all sorts of things to trap cats or distract dogs, such as lasers and TVs respectively. You win Milk Bottles as a type of currency that you can trade in to get a faster cat or such things to help you out. And each painting that you steal can be used as a wallpaper. These too are very creative, because they are classic paintings but made with cartoon cats instead. So pretty much, we have here a creative and good game, but I don’t know. Something is just missing. Majorly. I can’t put a finger on what would boost this game into a blockbuster app but I get bored from it extremely quickly. But on the bright side, lots of levels, creative cat fun, and you can tell that a lot of work went into the making of this one. Which also unfortunately leads to its price. 6/10!

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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