Diner Dash – 6/10

Diner Dash - 6/10

Diner Dash is the same game that we all know and love. This is the free version (not Diner Dash Deluxe, which costs $2.99). The game is very well done, but the free version doesn’t really give much. There’s just one venue and several levels to go with it. The graphics are pretty nice and there aren’t any bug problems that I’ve noticed. The interface is pretty slick and the controls are beyond easy. So if you don’t know what Diner Dash really is, I’ll clue you in on a classic game. You start as a nobody waitress that starts up a diner. The way the story goes (not this short free version) is that you eventually keep making money so that you upgrade everything in the diner from the floors to counters, even adding a clown to keep the lines entertained. They really have everything imaginable. So people line up to eat at your diner, which starts out with just a couple tables. Everyone has a color, and if you match their color with the one on the seat you get a bonus. So you tap and drag the group to a table. Then you tap again to give them the menus. In a few seconds, they’ll raise hands or whatever and you click the table to collect the menus and then click the spinning clip to place the order to the kitchen. Once it’s cooked, click the food and click the table to bring it to. Then they eat, and when they’re done, collect their plates and bring them to the wash-bin. Click the table once more to collect the money. Easy? No way! Once you start getting many tables full of people, all at different stages of the diner experience, you will not stop pressing! Wait too long and the people get angry, give less of a tip. Eventually they will walk out if you wait really long. One upgrade in this free version is the coffee machine. Optionally, you may bring customers coffee that makes them happier and willing to give more money as a tip. So that’s the basic rundown of Diner Dash. This free game is not bad at all, but there is so much in the full version that I feel they could have given us just a bit more for free. And what really bothers me is that they give you all the new restaurants to click on but that just brings up a pop-up asking for you to buy the expensive full version (which is probably worth it for all the levels you’ll get, but I have not tried it out yet). Thus, the 6/10. But it’s still really fun!

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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