Paper Toss – 7/10

Paper Toss - 7/10

Paper Toss is a classic free game that I’ve had since I first got an iPod Touch. Currently on my iPhone, I have Paper Toss and its sequel, Paper Toss 2.0 (which is a review for another day). Paper Toss is a game that I’m sure you’ve played, but maybe under a different name or different scenery. Here, you will have a paper ball to throw into a trash bin that’s varying distances away, depending on your difficulty mode. In the office setting, there’s a fan that creates wind of a certain number; very slow is less than 1 and very high is around 5 or 6. You must chose where to flick your finger to send the paper ball in order to score in the trash. You always want to flick against the wind, so that it is blown back onto course, however to which degree to flick is what makes the game difficult and fun. Paper Toss has many places to play, each with different difficulties. Easy, Medium, and Hard all take place in the office setting, Airport is self-explanatory, as are Basement, Restroom, Pub, and Street. It is also funny to point out that when you miss badly and it goes into the next cubicle or whatever is surrounding you, you can hear a voice in the background yelling at you. I think that this game is great, but the advertisements rock it like you can’t imagine. I’ve probably seen worse advertisements but Paper Toss is up there. And then considering it in the shadow of its sequel also can change an opinion, but to be fair, Paper Toss is still worth a 7/10.

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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