Tiki Totems – 4/10

Tiki Totems - 4/10

You may remember from a few weeks back when I reviewed Tiki Totems 2. Well that was one of the rare times that I reviewed the sequel to a game before I reviewed the original, but strangely I actually only recently downloaded the original game, Tiki Totems. If you can remember the rating of Tiki Totems 2, you will know that it received a 10/10. Unfortunately the first Tiki Totems game was not as good. Maybe that wasn’t a bad thing, considering they improved it so much to make an amazing sequel. Anyway, enough rambling and on with the review. So Tiki Totems is a free game (Tiki Totems 2 costs a dollar, but it’s worth it). The basic idea is the same. You cannot allow the totem to touch the ground while you tap blocks to make them disappear. In this one, you can tap rocks to destroy them, as well as wood. The purple rocks disappear only when they touch another purple rock. This is a concept similar to the black and blue rocks in the later version of the series. The level is won when you destroy the specified number of blocks for that level, which is listed in the bottom corner. There are only 96 levels in this game, which seems like a good amount but compared to the gazillion levels from Tiki Totems 2, it’s nothing. Also a disappointment, there is only one game mode here. The whole game has pretty bad graphics too, definitely not Retina and still fuzzy for non-Retina also. But although Tiki Totems 1 doesn’t come close to comparing with Tiki Totems 2, if I had never played the latter game, I might give this one a higher rating. I guess it’s the fact that I’ve seen it so much better that makes me realize how bad this one is. Anyway, it still earns a 4/10.

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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