The Fleas – 3/10

The Fleas - 3/10

The Fleas is a rip-off game that will cost foolish people a dollar. First thing’s first, the name is totally uncreative. “The Fleas”? Come on now. Okay, now that that’s off my chest, the rest of the review: The Fleas is kind of like Fruit Ninja, although no where nearly as good. The game takes you onto the back of a dog and you get to pinch fleas as they jump up off the dog (not as cool as slashing fruit). But beware, if you pinch fleas with the dynamite, you’re going to lose. Also, there are these really random fleas that have spray paint and they will spray your whole screen so that you cannot see. You need to wipe all of the paint off before you can see enough to continue playing. If you are doing well, you may get a blender power-up (why a blender?) that allows you to drag fleas into to kill. I’m not sure if this gives you more points, but I am sure that just pinching the fleas is much easier and faster than maneuvering them into a blender on the back of a dog. What I just described is the Squeezer mode. Then there’s Slasher mode, which is essentially the same thing as fruit ninja just with fleas instead of fruit. Lastly, there’s Challenges mode, in which I have only played one level. They all might be different, however I don’t know. I can describe for you the first level at least. Your goal is to tilt the device to move a flea around to avoid dynamite that’s falling from the sky. Logically this doesn’t make sense. First you’re trying to help the dog by getting rid of the fleas, now you are a flea that’s trying to allow the dynamite to fall on the dog. Either way, this level is pretty challenging. Next I will talk about the graphics. They’re bad. As you can tell from the icon, this game is meant to look like an old film. It plays the classic music in the background and the whole thing is in brown and white. There are lines that cross the screen like in the old movies. I’m not a fan. The last thing one should take into account before dropping a dollar is that this game crashes. In the middle of game-play this app will just close. The repercussions aren’t huge except for you losing your current game. So to conclude, I think that there’s a lot in The Fleas but it is unoriginal and costs money. I don’t like the graphics and it tends to crash. So it’s really up to you. 3/10.

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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