Fruit Ninja – 9/10

Fruit Ninja - 9/10

The day has come where I tackle one of the most famous iOS games out there- Fruit Ninja! So if you don’t know already, Fruit Ninja is an excellent game from Halfbrick Studios (the same people who brought Jetpack Joyride to everybody’s iPhone) and it costs $0.99. This awesome game lets you test out your reflexes in a fun style… slicing fruit! There are four game modes. First is Classic. Fruits are thrown up onto the screen from whatever it may be down there. Your job? Slice them up, trying to get combos by slicing several fruits in one swipe of the finger. The catch? There are bombs dispersed in with the fruits. Slicing a bomb will end your game immediately. The other way to end a Classic game is by earning three strikes by letting three fruits fly back down off the screen without being sliced. The next game mode is Zen mode, which lets you play with “no bombs, no lives, just 90 seconds.” Only fruits will be thrown, and it doesn’t matter how many you let drop without slicing. It is timed so once time runs out your game is over. The third game mode is Arcade mode. Here you play a timed one minute game in which there are powered bananas throw into the mix. The bananas will give you a spurt of double points, slow fruits, or a frenzy, which just means a huge burst of fruits to slice without the worry of bombs. Critical fruits give you plus 10 and bombs subtract points. The last game mode is Online. As you can guess, here is where you go head to head on a timed match against people all over the world, or just your friends, whom you may invite to play. Besides the gameplay, Fruit Ninja brings so much more. There’s the Dojo, where you can do missions to unlock new backgrounds or blades (what you see when you slice). Blades can look like fireworks, ink, rainbow, fire with smoke, you name it. And the missions are really fun. They’re things like reach a certain score in a certain mode while playing upside-down. Then there’s Gutsu’s Cart, where you can buy mini power-ups like bomb deflects. The in-game currency used here is the Starfruit, which is earned by playing games and getting good scores. You may also purchase some stuff using real money. The graphics are great, all retina-fied and the fruit-specifc juice that splatters when a fruit is sliced makes the game all the more realistic. I love Fruit Ninja, it’s definitively worth the dollar, and think it should be on every iOS device in the world. My only lidea is that there maybe should be another type of mini-game thrown in somewhere if you reach a certain score or something like that. I don’t know, just a suggestion to make the game a little more diverse than it is. Great game though, 9/10.

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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