Sand Slides – 6/10

Sand Slides is a pretty cool game, but one must consider its $1.99 price before buying.  In reality two dollars isn’t much but for an app that seems like it could be free, it might be enough to sway someone’s decision.  Sand Slides is pretty simple.  There are three canisters of sand on the top of the screen.  On the bottom of the screen there are three collection funnels.  The bottom funnels each have a different color.  Sand is filled into the a top canister.  There are different colors that it can be, but when it fills a canister, all the sand it puts in is a uniform color.  Now here’s what you do: draw ramps for the sand to slide upon into the proper color funnel. You have three lines to draw however you please.  If you try to draw more than three, the oldest line will disappear, which could be catastrophic.  If you draw lines that intersect, sand will collect at the intersection, following the laws of physics.  A great trick that is of the utmost importance is the drawing of a bucket.  If you don’t have room to draw another line, but the sand is starting to pour out of a canister, you can use one of your three lines to draw a little bucket to catch the sand.  From there you can draw a ramp then delete the bucket.  This is a great way to save sand.  Since this is just a video game, it counts every grain of sand that is collected, every grain that is lost, and every grain that falls into the wrong funnel.  Eventually enough mistakes will end the game. There are different game modes, but they are really all the same.  If you do Challenge mode, then you can set the number of rounds to play.  If you do Marathon mode, you just keep going until you lose.  Some modes are easy, some are insanely hard, and some modes allow you to set the difficultly (which really just refers to the speed at which they give you sand).  Sand Slides is a good game, but not extremely impressive.  Once again, you might take into account the price before trying it out.  There is no free version and I can’t really definitively say whether it’s a good game or not.  Thus, a 6/10.


-TheAppEmperor signing out


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