Slots – 4/10

Slots - 4/10

Slots by Shark Party is a free game that tries to sucker you into paying money for coins. The game is exactly what you think it is, and nothing more. You just press a button to make the slot machine spin. Then it stops. You either win or lose. Nothing much here. You can make different bets to get more money if you win, and you can also chose what lines to use. This means that you can select middle row, top row, bottom row, diagonal, diagonal the other way, etc. Each line multiplies your bet but also gives you a higher chance of winning. If you play a lot, you may unlock other slot machines such as an Egyptian one, an alien one, a car one, you get the point. Problem is, these are all the same boring games, just different pictures to look at. Also, in the very rare occurrence of three “wilds” on a spin, you get to play a mini-game. This happens so rarely that I only got it once, and I don’t even remember what the mini-game was exactly, other than that it wasn’t anything too special. It might have been a quick game of Memory. Overall, Slots tries to take a simple game and make it into something creative, but I’m not feeling it. 4/10.

-TheAppEmperor signing out

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