Medal Alerts- Final Podium Results – 9/10

Medal Alerts- Final Podium Results - 9/10

The Olympics are in full swing, but who has time to watch all the events? The Games are in London time, which means more of an inconvenience for the other parts of the world. With Medal Alerts- Final Podium Results, you can get live, up-to-the-minute updates and alerts for every race, bout, contest, and event. This free app lets you chose which events to subscribe to, along with your choice of countries to receive alerts from. Therefore, it is completely customizable for your Olympic wants. Lets say you really enjoy diving but cannot stand synchronized swimming, well then just check off diving and leave out synchronized swimming. You are also from the United States, so check the United States or any other countries that you’re interested in. Then this app will magically alert you when any diving events ends, and it will give you the results straight to your lock screen (if you wish). Any time the United States wins a medal, you can also be alerted. This app has all of the heats, qualifiers, semifinals, or any other round of competition, especially the finals. If it happens during the London Games, then it’s on your phone. Medal Alerts- Final Podium Results is a really spectacular app to have for the next week, however after that it’s probably garbage (unless you’re willing to wait for the next Olympic Games). For these reasons, Medal Alerts- Final Podium Results earns a 9/10.

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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