Cube Runner – 8/10

Cube Runner - 8/10

Cube Runner takes you through a field filled with random colored cubes, and it’s your job to avoid collisions. In this free app, your reflexes and quickness will be put to the test. The only controls are tilts, you don’t have to press any buttons. To move, just tilt the device the way you desire. There’s a choice to play either landscape or portrait. I prefer landscape since I get a better view of what is on either side of me. You may also chose the speed at which to play. Okay, I’ll admit it: I usually play on easy, since medium and hard don’t allow me to play for a while without dying. There’s really not much else to it… Cube Runner is very simple to learn, but unfortunately also might become a little boring. I don’t play Cube Runner much anymore, yet I still keep this game on my phone since it’s a classic (to me at least) and pretty fun on occasion. Thus, an 8/10 for Cube Runner! Wait… what are all those random cubes doing there anyway? And why do I blow up if I hit them?

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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