Baseball Superstars 2012 – 9/10

Baseball Superstars 2012 - 9/10

Yes, I know, another baseball game this week. Well, this one is much better than Big Win Baseball. Baseball Superstars 2012 is a free game (I think it could be expensive, but hey, it’s free anyway) that is really deep and fun. You have three choices of game modes: My Batter, My Pitcher, and My Team. First is My Batter. You create your own player and he is the batter that you use to play. You only do hitting in this mode, no fielding or throwing or anything else. Batting is pretty comprehensive, you just tilt the device to line up the bat to the pitch and tap to swing. My Pitcher mode is essentially the same thing, but you only do pitching, nothing else. My team mode is the best of both worlds. In this one, you manage a whole team, so you do all the batting and pitching for the entire game. In each game mode, there’s much more to do than just play games. You can practice to make your player increase his/her stats, you can shop for items to increase stats, you can go to the hospital to heal from injuries or rest up, you can even head over to the park to get a palm reading. Yeah, they really made this game like real life; there’s so much to do between games that I don’t think I’ve ever tried all the stuff. There are also multiplayer modes which allow you to play online against another person, which is a really nice feature. This game is pretty much free of all bugs and runs really crisp. The reason that it’s not a full 10 is because it gets really frustrating. If, for example, you don’t practice let’s say power hitting for a couple games, then the coach will label you a weakling and all your power stats drop. This is extremely hard to get rid of without paying for it (either with the in-game currency or real money). Just things like that make this game a bit annoying, but it’s still really excellent. Whenever I’m looking for a game to play, my finger automatically finds the Baseball Superstars 2012 icon and presses it. 9/10!

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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