Geek Quiz – You Rate It!

Geek Quiz - #TheAppEmpire

You may have noticed that there’s no rating for today’s app, because just for today, YOU will rate this app by downloading Geek Quiz then rating it using the poll below. Here is my critique: (App courtesy of @MarkBridgesApps)

Geek Quiz, $1.99, is a really challenging quiz for your mobile device. It covers everything from science-fiction to inventors to computers and even astronomy; it really tests your inner geek. There are a few different types of game modes: there’s the Quick Test (which just gives 10 random questions), the Biggest Geek Quiz (you get three lives to go as far as you can), the Fastest Geek Quiz (two minutes of questioning), 2 Player Buzz In (when you want to play with your fellow geek), and 2 Player Pass & Play (which is pretty self-explanatory). Sometimes the questions do repeat, especially if you play it a lot, but there’s a great variety. The thing that I dislike the most is that when you get a question wrong, which I do a lot, you are not given the right answer to learn from. However the game is still good. Each question is timed ten seconds so you can’t look it up, and in most game modes you are allowed two skips for the really tough ones. If you’re a true geek, you should probably have this app, so please download it if you don’t already have it, then head on down to the poll below to rate it out of ten!

-TheAppEmperor signing out


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